Prize Bond 1500 Result 2017

Prize Bond 1500 Result 2017

The overall Prize Bond 1500 Result 2017 is published and is available online on the website you are visiting. The overall worth of the bond can be calculated after you know about the prize money circulated among the people of Pakistan. The amount that the government gathers by borrowing from the people is far more than the amount of money that they distribute among the people in terms of prize money. But even then the amount that the winner gets is an opportunity for the person to change the life in such a short time.

prize bond list 1500 2018Latest Prize Bond Result 1500 15 Feb 2019

The Prize bond result for the year 2017 of 1500 bond is published you can get these results whenever you need. The proper information is available about all the bonds issued by the Institutes. The bonds are distributed in different denominations such as Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs.1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs.25000, and Rs. 40,000 all these bonds are circulated in the public and they are free to buy any of them. These are then drawn and via lucky draw the lucky person or winner is chosen. The chosen person is then awarded with the prize money which can change the life of the person in no time.

prize bond list 1500 2018

Prize Bond Result and Schemes

Prize Bond’s Scheme is the only official reservoir for poor and middle-class people through which they can make low investments and can earn higher possibilities to convert into a rich person overnight and getting their dreams to come true. That is why the site gives you the proper information and prize bond result in time. Prize bond gives investment options and it is far better than forex investment but this scheme has been underestimated badly. Recently five saving schemes given as follows have increased the profit rates by 8 to 50 basis points.

  • Defense Saving Schemes (DSS)
  • Regular Income Certificates (RIC)
  • Behbood Saving Certificates (BSC)
  • Savings Accounts (SA)
  • Special Saving Certificates (SSC)

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