Prize Bond 15000 Result 2017

Prize Bond 15000 Result 2017

Prize Bond 15000 Result 2017 is available on the website you are visiting. the scheme is working in Pakistan since 1960. The Government of Pakistan in Collaboration with National Saving Pakistan launched the scheme in order to help the poor. The Lower-Class and Middle-Class members of the society can earn their dream life. This is a golden chance for the earlier discussed classes as they have to buy a bond which ranges as Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs.1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs.25000, and Rs. 40,000.

Prize Bond 15000 Result 2017

Prize Money of 15000 Bond

As these are the bond which can easily be purchased by the middle class or lower class. The only thing they have to wait until the results are published. This is how the scheme works. After the draws happen the game begins then. And to let you know according to the Prize Bond 15000 Result 2017 the prize money 15000 bond the first prize is 3,00,00,000 rupees. The second prize is 1,00,00,000 rupees and the third prize is 1,85,000.

Prize Bond 15000 Result 2017

What Is a Prize Bond

Every year the Prize Bond Scheme revert the fortune of many people in Pakistan. The scheme helps a lot of Pakistani’s to develop their life by winning a huge amount of money. The person can live a dream life if he got a chance to win the lottery. A Prize bond is considered as a lottery which contains a big amount in return of the small investment. If you want to see the Prize Bond 15000 Result 2017 you can get it.

How Does Prize Bond Work

The scheme consists of the pattern which includes the buying of the bond which is also called the saving or investment then you have to wait for the draw. The draw held quarterly for the whole year. And if good luck is with you, you need to spare the time to count the money. Prize Bond 15000 Result 2017 all draws are available here.

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Prize Bond Result 15000

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