Prize Bond Draw Result

Prize Bond Draw Result

This website you are on is to provide you the proper information of the prize bond draw result. The information is genuine and will provide you the fast and the true knowledge of the latest draws of the bonds. 200 prize bond is known as the small bond but can give the high rewards. As for the first winner will get the prize money of rupees 7,50,000 the second winner similarly will get the prize money of rupees 2 lacks. This is how the site works dedicatedly to make you informed about prize bond draw result online.

Prize Bond Draw Result

Prize Bond in Pakistan

From the viewpoint of The Government of Pakistan, National Prize Bond Scheme was launched in the year 1960, in order to obtain money from the public at discounted rates and give cash prizes via lucky draws. The Government of Pakistan rents and earns billions of rupees but sadly, prize money awarded to investors is very little.

Prize Bond Draw Result in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore

200 Prize Bond in Pakistan is divided in decent series, and each series is bound to 1,000,000 bonds (one million numbers). Each draw is taken quarterly. However, on these bonds, no interest or profit is given. Via lucky draws, during the year, the lucky guys are chosen quarterly. About 36 times every year the lucky draws are made in respect to declare these winners by the lucky draw in different cities of Pakistan. Every year 70,600 Pakistanis win 1.6 billion rupees in prize money if you talk about the numbers

Why Prize Bond is Worthy of all other Schemes

Tragically, the rise of profit percentages on some specified schemes will not lower the dues burden of 150 billion rupees or more on record of Defense Saving Certificates maturing in the near future. Prize Bonds’ Scheme is the only savior in this respect. In this regard, you may need the prize bond result in time so this website will provide you the needed information.

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Prize Bond Result Online

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