Prize Bond Result 40000

Prize Bond Result 40000 

National Saving Pakistan has published the Prize Bond Result 40000 with the collaboration of Government of Pakistan. On this website there is almost every type of information or data is available regarding prize bond. As the prize bonds are distributed among the people of Pakistan on a large scale, so, to provide the authentic data could be a difficult task. Many websites fail to provide such data so you have to rely on a few authentic tellers. The website you are on right now could engage you with much of the information that will save you time and let you know about the Prize bond results. 

Prize Bond Result 40000 Latest Results 

The results for the bond of 40000 are declared from the institutes of Pakistan you can get these results if you keep visiting our site. You can know about the specified information on each of the denominated bond i.e., Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs.1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs.25000, and Rs. 40,000. You can search the results and get them as early as you can.  

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Premium Prize Bond 

The prize Bond is the only way using which the poor and middle-class people can get the opportunity to get their dream fulfilled. The Premium Prize Bond is different than the other scheme of the prize bond. The Premium Prize Bond is the Bond specified for the Registered persons of the society. That is why it is said to be as ‘Premium Prize Bond (Registered). 

Prize Money of 40000 bond 

1st and onlyprize of Rs. 75,000,000 is the prize money of 40000 bonds and 1696 prizes for the third position of Rs. 500,000 each. The formulas are simple to find the prize money for all of the bonds distributed in Pakistan. You can see what difference can be made overnight if you win a single prize as above.

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